Why don't rz/rb/rx work?!

Why don't rz/rb/rx work?!

Post by Nicholas Constantine Richar » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

rz, rb and rx All give heinous transfer errors when I attempt to send
from a dialup connection to my account.  

I don't know what to try.  RTS/CTS _seems_ to be enabled both on my
machine and on the Sun at the University.

Please help.

Nicholas Richards

CIS Undergraduate
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon


1. Why don't rz/rb/rx work?!

Most likely this is due to a non-8-bit connection to the provider. We solved
this problem from our Netblazer by using 'rlogin -8 <machine>' - worked
flawlessly with the original rz/rb/rx software - other modified software
using the same protocol may have difficulties - we haven't tested all of them

Richard Dows

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