Hexadecimal editor: summary

Hexadecimal editor: summary

Post by Patrick Vuicha » Wed, 31 May 1995 04:00:00

        Last week, I asked this:

Quote:>I'm looking for something that looks quite simple, but I couldn't manage
>to find it... I need an hexadecimal editor, something simple, like the one you
>can find in PC-tools. For those who don't know PC-tools, imagine an hexadecimal
>dump where you can wander with the arrows and change values either in the hexa
>or in the ascci column. Even a more simple interface would be OK...

        Well, I've got several answers (my thanks to Marc David Bumble, Glen
Johnson and Marc Lebeau), and found my editor.

        So, here is the answers, and my comments...

        Marc David Bumble said:

Quote:>Its not a simple editor, but its one of my favorites.  How about
>emacs using hexl-mode??

        Why not ? I didn't know emacs had such a mode.

        Glen Johnson said:

Quote:>We have one that is currently on AIX, HP-UX, SCO UNIX.  But, "we" are
>a commercial enterprise and it costs $495.  If you are on one of these
>platforms I can send you a copy that will run for 30 days to evaluate.
>I do work with the internals of files and file systems, so when I wrote
>this I put everything into it that I needed so it may be more powerful
>than what you need.

        Well, if I hadn't found something else, I might have tried...

        And, finally, Marc Lebeau said:

Quote:>Well, you can always use the program BPE from the GNU foundation.
>It allows you to modify a file both in hex and ascii mode, one sector
>at a time.

        That's nearly perfect ! A short and efficient package...


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