File system performance, Shortest Seek vs First Come first served

File system performance, Shortest Seek vs First Come first served

Post by Chris Pugmir » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi, I'd like to know if linux/solaris use Shortest Seek or First
come first served when multiple seek operations are pending for
a device.  And can one change the default.  

I have an application where Shortest Seek or a variant of it would
give much better results and my current figures suggest FCFS is
currently used, so I'd like to know if there is a
file system or device driver I can install that will change this.

      Thanks in advance,   ChrisP.



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Hi Folks;

Sorry for asking, for what I'm sure is the umpteenth time, but here's my

I have a system with (2) SCSI drives coming off an Adaptec AHA 2940 UW.  At
present, drive (1) is drive 00 which is a 4.3 gig  Seagate.  Drive (2) is
drive 01 and is a 1 gig Seagate.  I am going to install the new Corel
WordPerfect 2000 for Linux as soon as it arrives.  I must also install Win2K
Pro for our Accounting & AutoCAD software.


A- Should I install Linux first and if so should I assume I should install
it on drive (1)?

B- If I install Linux on (1) drive, should I install Win2K on drive (2) or
on drive (1)?

I intend to use Linux as our main system using Windoze only to support
software in which I cannot, at this time, replace with a Linux compatible.

Thanks in Advance,

Dennis, WI

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