WHY 'exec "$REALFILE" ${1+"$@"}'

WHY 'exec "$REALFILE" ${1+"$@"}'

Post by Michael McKe » Wed, 17 Feb 1993 14:02:29

We have some code  in a directory /etc/rc2.d that has the line
Some stuff

Some other stuff.

Could someone please enlighten me.?


WHY 'exec "$REALFILE" ${1+"$@"}'

Post by Chet Ram » Wed, 17 Feb 1993 22:06:05

>We have some code  in a directory /etc/rc2.d that has the line
>Some stuff

>Some other stuff.

>Could someone please enlighten me.?

parameters.  Unfortunately, old versions of sh expand it to a null

and is the standard sh idiom for avoiding the problem.

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