Using rshd?

Using rshd?

Post by Marcel Pos » Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:00:00

How do I use rshd?

I want to see and copy files on an other system, but I don't want to
manually login every time. I've noticed that rshd is not yet installed on
my (both?) systems. How do I do this.
Please help. Thanks in advance!

Marcel Post


1. in.rshd fails, but used to work!

        I have a bit of a teaser here.  I noticed some months ago that rsh
services seemed to fail on a RedHat 4.0 Linux file/print server.
However, they used to work!  Obviously, it must be a configuration

        We are running a local nameserver using bind, which runs correctly
(nslookup responds normally, as do client machines)
        Using strace, I noticed that the rsh (client side) does not recieve a
response from the open port after sending commands to the server.  I
also noticed that in.rshd (server side) does not recieve a responce
after sending a second request to port 53; it recieves a timeout on the
port instead.

        I first thought the problem was with authentication or DNS, but this
does not appear to be the case.  Lately I have been probing the
portmapper, and rpc services.  

        Using rpcinfo on the Linux server locally, the following services are
registered: portmapper (version 2) on port 111 (udp and tcp), mountd
(version 1) on port 995 (udp) and 997 (tcp), nfs (version 2) on port
2049 (tcp and udp).  -- is this standard?  my /etc/services is
unmodified from stock!
        *** Using rpcinfo on a remote Linux machine failed to return any info
from the Linux server! ***

        I have also noticed that I cannot mount nfs exports on the Linux server
either locally or remotely!

        I have tried everything I can think of.  I have used netstat -ca to
attempt to diagnose the problem, but I am not sure what to look for.
Any suggestions, config files, or answers would be GREATLY appreciated!
        If this subject is not of general interest, please send a reply to

        TIA, Matt Murdock

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