Consensys V4.2, anybody hear of it?

Consensys V4.2, anybody hear of it?

Post by geoffrey.a.mye » Thu, 18 Mar 1993 01:43:53

A co-worker of mine received a flyer about an OS called Consensys V4.2
and was wondering if anyone had heard of it.  The flyer says that it is
derived from UNIX SVR4 under license from UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.
It has an X Windows-based GUI.

It is a bit pricey, although about half of USL's version, as I've been

Well, how about it? Anybody have it, use it, like it, hate it, wrote it.

Please respond via email.  If there is enough interest I will summarize
and repost.  Thanks in advance.
Until later, Geoffrey Myers     404.750.5247    cbnewsm!geof


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