KSH/ZSH Help...

KSH/ZSH Help...

Post by David Budwor » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 07:32:34

Hello all,

I am VERY new to unix. (I kinda know xenix)

Now that everyone know what level I am coming from, I need some help with
KSH, or even ZSH.

First off, my preference is to use ZSH, but I would like a common interface
between my unix account, and my OS/2 system at home.  And I don't think
there is a zsh for OS/2 (Somebody, please correct me if I am wrong).  But I
do have a ksh port for OS/2.  But anyway, this is my problem.

The system that my unix account on (NetCom) uses as a default csh.  And I
cannot find any example .profile or .kshrc type file that set up the
environment in the ksh (or zsh) way.  Actually, I did find a couple example
files for zsh, but I could never get the path to be correct.  All I got was
what seemed like a default path (. ~ /etc/bin /bin) and not the normal path
I get in csh.  I even took the path that was being set in .cshrc and stuck
the path info in the .zshenv file.  But anyway..

If anyone out there is willing to take a little time to help this diehard
OS/2 fanatic embrace the wonders of unix, I would appriciate it a great

Thank you in advance...



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