i/o to/from one terminal device to be trapped from another.

i/o to/from one terminal device to be trapped from another.

Post by Spandan Choudu » Sat, 16 May 1992 15:06:51

I guess this is just plain ignorance on my part, but I was wondering if
there was a way, if I was logged on to a UNIX system twice simultaneously,
that I could view the contents of *all* the I/O at the terminal of one of my
logins (say, #1) at the terminal of the other login (say, #2), without
interfering with the session at login #1 in *any* manner (i.e. with all action
taken at the terminal of  login #2). I have the impression that it is possible,
but am not quite sure at this moment exactly how...

Can some code be written -- or other steps taken -- to, maybe, trap the I/O
to/from the terminal device (for login #1) to a file/anything else ?


--Spandan Choudury.

ps:- Again, the key ground-rule is that all the steps are to be taken from
     the terminal at login #2 -- and session at login #1 is to be absolutely
     uninterfered with..


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