Need Books/Manuals for Interactive UNIX...

Need Books/Manuals for Interactive UNIX...

Post by s.. » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking to buy any books/ manuals for Sun's Interactive UNIX System
V/386 version 3.0.1

1. Anyone sugguest good book on Interactive UNIX?

        I've been saddled with the task of taking over admining some
machines running Interactive UNIX at work.  I've scoured the local
book stores but I haven't found anything (plenty of SCO books, though :).
Basically I'm just looking for something that explains any non-standard
quirks and the like (I'm used to admining suns if that makes a difference).  
If anyone here can recommend something I'd appreciate pointers (titles,
authors, ISBNs).  Posts or email fine.  Thanks in advance.

Mike Fletcher

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