How do you convert o/p to VT100 into a text file?

How do you convert o/p to VT100 into a text file?

Post by Philip Stre » Sun, 12 Apr 1992 02:22:45

knew of a filter program for sessions captured in VT100 mode.  I too would be
interested in such a program.  Did I miss his summary of responses?
Thank you.

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1. How do you convert o/p to VT100 into a text file?

Given a log-file of a session with an interactive program (i.e.
by using "script" or similar) is there a method for translating
this file into a text file suitable for editing.

i.e. I use a VT100 terminal, so the log-file contains various control
character sequences required to produce pretty output on the screen.
Obviously I can write a program for filtering out the unwanted
characters but I'm reluctant to re-invent the wheel .... I also
hoped that somebody may know of a utility which rather than just
removing the control codes attempts to translate them in a rational manner.

I'll summaries any responses to comp.unix.questions



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