Why am I not 'Logged in' ?

Why am I not 'Logged in' ?

Post by Vidya Sagar Vankaya » Sat, 06 Jun 1992 02:32:12


I am using Sun O.S. 4.1.1

I use screen to open multiple windows on my vt100 terminal. This
morning, when I tried to set up an alarm for myself using 'leave', I
got the following error message :

Script started on Thu Jun  4 10:00:01 1992
%>leave 1010
leave: You are not logged in
script done on Thu Jun  4 10:00:13 1992

Why am I not logged in ? Is this a bug in screen ?

Thanx in advance.




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I disabled the news server from loading at boot time, so every week,
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***** Steve Snyder *****

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