E&P: Looking for ftp and www sites for new ERUUG cookbook

E&P: Looking for ftp and www sites for new ERUUG cookbook

Post by Andrew J Wils » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 22:17:18

>>A previous version of this cookbook is available at the University
>>of Hawaii for ftp and on  http://www.glg.ed.ac.uk/ajsw for www.
>Actually, it appears to be at http://www.glg.ed.ac.uk/ajsw/doc/ERUUG_cookbook
>The directions for getting from ...ajsw aren't entirely obvious, and
>I only found it by accident after I'd given up looking for it!

I am sorry that this confusion arose. Please let me explain...

I figure it is possible that I might at some future date leave this
department, causing my account to disappear, and my WWW page with it.
Hence I suggest people *do not* look for the ERUUG cookbook or
sci.geo.petroleum FAQ, etc in my WWW page.  Instead I placed a pointer
in the "links to further documents" section of a WWW page which is
likely to be more permanent.  This page is the WWW page for our
department's number cruncher community and can be accessed as
http://ww.glg.ed.ac.uk/crunch.  In the event that I am run over by a
bus, or whatever, hopefully the new CRUNCH page maintainer will copy the
documents into a new place and this route will continue to work.

So, in summary, a fairly safe way of finding these documents is:


and follow

        "links to further documents"

Hope this makes things clearer.

University of Edinburgh         .  languages manage
Dept of Geology and Geophysics  .  to absorb change
http://www.glg.ed.ac.uk/ajsw    .  but withstand
phone +44 31 650 8533           .  progress...
fax   +44 31 668 3184           .            


1. *NEW* Linux WWW page and FTP site, get current slackware here!

To all Linux users and people considering Linux:

    I have created a web page dedicated to experiences that I and other
people have had with Linux.  This page is somewhat different from a
HOWTO in the fact that it's what I did to accomplish a given task or
solve a problem.  Currently, the page is still being created, and has
quite a ways to go before it's finished, but still has some good info.
There are also HOWTO's and several other Linux www sites listed.  I
would ask that anyone interested, please visit my page and at least drop
me a line of your opinion.  I'm especially interested in any ideas that
you may have on what could be added and if you have any experiences that
you would like added, please mail them to me and I will put them online.

        There is also a partial mirror of sunsite's pub/linux directory
with everything you should need to get linux up and running on your
system.  In the ftp area, I also have an incoming area in which I would
ask that you upload ANYTHING that you find interesting.  This machine is
a 486 dx33 with 8 meg of ram which is destined to be a www server for
part of the architecture department at the university.  I want to test
it out under real world conditions to see if it can handle 100 or so
students accessing it's pages.

DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING and give me some feedback on the Linux page.
I will keep the ftp area open as long as space/cpu permits, and at least
till Jan. 15 or it's determined that this machine is definately unable
to handle the load.  It's possible that I'll keep a current mirror of
sunsite in the future if the machine can handle it or I get a new
machine, but currently I'm under the limits of the university.

Thanks to everyone!

ANONYMOUS FTP : umbra.arch.bsu.edu
Linux WWW area: http://umbra.arch.bsu.edu/pshaffer
Architecture  : http://umbra/arch.bsu.edu

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