Looking for survey software

Looking for survey software

Post by Scott W. Paisley 303-497-76 » Sat, 15 Oct 1994 08:51:01

I'm looking for a piece (or pieces) of unix software (commerial or
otherwise) which will allow me to run a survey for our site.  

Anyone know of a package that will allows users to execute a command
which will give them a series of questions and give me a data file I
can then frob with some stat software?

Any leads would be appreciated!


 NIST  Boulder, CO


1. Looking for software version tracking software

Is anyone aware of a source software package available on Unix
(preference Solaris) which attempts something like this:

o       audits your $PATH looking for known software packages
o       creates a database tracking the packages and their versions
o       compares against a database of packages and their current versions
o       provides support for downloading new versions.

Think something like CPAN only for non-Perl code .

Thanks for any ideas you might have.

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