vacation alternative

vacation alternative

Post by gary.lemm » Sun, 14 Apr 1996 04:00:00


Is there an alternative for vacation available through ftp? What I am
looking for is a version that will reply to senders who are not listed in
a particular file...This will hopefully prevent eMail wrap if someone else
is using the vacation facility. Also some peeps get a bit naffed off with
my current message being sent just after they have mailed me so I would
like to add selected eMails to a list to prevent them from receiving my

Maybe if there isn't one available, is there a simple script I can run
under nohup?
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1. vacation doesn't work with domain name. Alternative?

I wanted to use the unix utility "vacation".

It works fine when used with just a login name:

\login, "|/usr/bin/vacation login"

However, when I try to use an alias (involving a domain name) it
does not work:

I asked my ISP and they say that vacation will not work with aliases
involving a domain name. They recommended I use a procmail script but
that I should be very careful.

Could someone tell me how I can create roughly the equivalent of vacation
using procmail (or another type of script, etc.)? Thank you.


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