Q: Detailed description of lp and lpr

Q: Detailed description of lp and lpr

Post by Siegfried Makeda » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 18:32:33

I am looking for an in-depth documentation of lp and lpr.
The man pages on my host (SunOS) are informative, but I need
something more detailed. I am NOT a comp.unix.wizard who
may learn it from the source.

May anyone recommend sources ?

-- Siegfried

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1. looking for lp.c source or detailed description

Some Unix parallel port drivers implement adjustable line truncation,
linefeed to formfeed conversion (to provide a particular page length),
indent, tab expansion, and optional half-ASCII translation
(lower case to upper case conversion, and printing {}`|~
as ()\!^ overstruck with a dash).

Others do none of that nonsense.

If memory serves, PC/IX (ISC and IBM's sort of System III based
Unix for the IBM XT) had that sort of an lp driver, as does
CT/IX and 3.5x for the 3b1 (SVR2 based implementations with a
certain amount of odds and ends added by Convergent Technologies).
The man page for some of these seems to my mind to have been
virtually identical, so that driver must have been kicking around
for awhile with fairly minor variations.  I don't *think* that this
is the same as one of the older BSD drivers that does some of that
stuff, although they might share a common ancestry way back.
This was not a tty driver, although it may have used the old
clist facility that pre-STREAMS tty drivers also used.  The
translations probably took place in the function lpoutput(),
so that may be all I really need.

I'm trying to write a filter that does all that stuff in a manner
compatible with drivers that do, to allow consistent remote printing
between a system whose driver does that, and one that doesn't.

Does anyone have either source for the driver (typically lp.c),
or a really detailed description of how it behaves, i.e. better
than the man page, and with special attention to limits, boundary
conditions, etc.?  (Like what happens if you set line length to 0,
that sort of thing?)

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