Startup-files in heterogeneous environment

Startup-files in heterogeneous environment

Post by Thomas L|fgre » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

We're running a heterogeneous environment with several Solaris boxes,
and one Linux machine.  /home is NFS-mounted from one of the Solaris
servers, so I need to configure my startup files (mainly for X, but
also to set paths and so on) to handle both environments.

How is this generally done?  I can think of a few of ideas, but neither
seems very appealing:
(1) Figure out which OS we're on, and then set symbolic links to
startup files
(2) Run the startup files through some kind of preprocessor, like cpp
or m4
(3) Write the scipts so that they can handle several operating systems

I would think that someone has come up with a fairly clean solution to
this, and I would appreciate any solutions, suggestions or comments.

Wherever I lay my .emacs, that's my ${HOME}


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I've got about 20 users distributed across various platforms (Mac,
PC, various flavors of Unix) on a TCP/IP network. These users would
all like to be able to do the following:

- send/receive faxes
- dial-in and dial-out in a terminal emulator
- start up a PPP or SLIP link either to our local site, or to a
remote site

It seems to me that a communication server (terminal server) is
probably the best thing to manage a pool of modems, but I'm not
sure whether is any way to make one support the functions listed
above across these various platforms. If a comm server is the
answer to my problem, could you recommend one?

Please tell me that I don't have to buy a modem and related software
for every single computer!

thanks in advance,

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