/tmp vs /usr/tmp vs /var/tmp

/tmp vs /usr/tmp vs /var/tmp

Post by Mike O'Conno » Sat, 03 Jan 1998 04:00:00

:Please help me understand temp directories.  I know what /tmp is for,
:and I know that /var/tmp is like /tmp only it is not normally cleared
:at boot-time.  But then what is /usr/tmp for?  or aren't /usr/tmp and
:/var/tmp usually used in the same implementation?

/usr/tmp and /var aren't normally in the same implementation.  


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1. mfs & /tmp vs /var/tmp

Since I'm struggling to get a "make world" in /usr/src to complete without
errors I thought it would be nice to speed up my compiles by building a kernel
with mfs on /tmp. Not a lot happened, then I found P_tmpdir in stdio.h is set
to /var/tmp. Rather defeats the point, I'd say. This is 2.2-CURRENT of Sep 15.

Mind you, it's an incredibly exhilarating feeling watching this poor little
PC sup a new set of fixes down the phone line, rebuild _everything_ from the
sources, install a new kernel and reboot clean as a whistle. Kudos, guys. :-)

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