unix spreadsheets

unix spreadsheets

Post by Richard Scho » Sat, 07 Apr 1990 01:24:10

Does anyone know of a GOOD spreadsheet for unix? We have a Sparc Server 330
with six NCD X-terminals. We are looking for one to run under Xwindows &
SunOS 4.0.3. with Motif. We know Lotus, Borland and WordPerfect have ported
their DOS products to Unix and also 20/20 & eXclaim. We'd like to know if
anyone has experience with these products. We'd like to know about data
exchange, worksheet compatiblity ,DataBase linkage and COST.
        Thanks in advance. If this turns into a useful discussion I'll post it.

Richard L. Scholz



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   does anyboudy knows if there is a spreadsheet application for
    unix that can compare to Windows eXcell?

          Thanks for advise


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