Request for Timezone information

Request for Timezone information

Post by Doug McKenz » Thu, 16 May 1991 09:28:40

Would someone please post or email a good list or pointer to a list of which
countries use which timezones, and how daylight savings is implemented?  I
have a decent atlas, but it doesn't even try daylight/summer switches.

I've heard of an "Arthur Olsen" approach to unix timezone information,
but don't know where to find it.

Apart from sys V's /usr/lib/tztab, The only source I have so far for
daylight switches is an astrology book!  But it's old and has lots of


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Can anybody explain me, how to set timezone information on Linux?
First, I simple set TZ environment variable - no effect,
after I try to play with settimeofday. Sure it set desired time,
but not timezone.

Really this is the honor for me to live near London, but
please bring me back to Idaho :)

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