Looking for '8A1' Message Handling Protocol Software for 3B2

Looking for '8A1' Message Handling Protocol Software for 3B2

Post by Walter G. Horbe » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 22:39:00

As I understand it, there exists a message handling protocol for
police networks called 8A1 that runs under Unix.  The local Public
Safety people have acquired a 3B2, but can't seem to track down a
copy of this for AT&T Unix.  If anyone can help point me to
sources or equivilents, it would be much appreciated.

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                                  Computing And Data Processing Services
                                  Orono, Maine  04469


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. I got the following error messages while starts Konqueror and swat (with
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  "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly."
  "The process for the http://localhost protocol died unexpectedly."

  What's wrong? Of course, they both don't work. Can anybody tell me what to
check step by step? Thanks.

. Info:
  . Mandrake 8.1
  . Firewall (by Bastille-firewall) looks OK


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