Integrating Apollo into Sun NFS

Integrating Apollo into Sun NFS

Post by Seenu Ban » Wed, 02 May 1990 07:01:00

I am posting this for a friend of mine.

I have a question regarding Apollo and Sun NFS. We have a network
of Sun workstations (4.3BSD + NFS) and an apollo (4.2 Domain/IX). We are
porting some software from Sun environment to Apollo and in doing so had to
duplicate source on both (Sun and Apollo) due to lack of NFS connection
between Sun and Apollo.  This resulted in disk space problems on the Apollo.

So, now the problem:

  * How can we integrate apollo into the Sun NFS environment?
  * Does apollo follow standard NFS protocol. (No mention of NFS was
    made in any of the manuals).
  * First of all, can it be done with minor fixes/patches to existing code?
  * If so, could you please give me pointers as to where to start?
  * If not, is there any public/private domain software which does this?

Sorry for asking so many questions in one breath. Any ideas, theories,
anything at all will be greatly appreciated.

I will gladly pass along any information to the person concerned.

Seenu Banda




Integrating Apollo into Sun NFS

Post by James E. Conl » Wed, 02 May 1990 20:21:00

NFS is available for Apollos from Apollo.  It does have some problems
though.  The major problem we have is that you cannot mount a non-Apollo
NFS partition and expect everything to work as if it were an Apollo disk.
The reason for this (I believe) is problems with file types.  Our major
gripe with this is that we cannot execute programs that are on an NFS
partition on our VAX.

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:       We have just started having problems getting write access to files
: on our Suns from our Apollo.  The Sun disks are exported to the Apollos
: for read and write.  The UIDs are the same on both machines.

:       When an Apollo user tries to touch a Sun file THAT HE OWNS, or
: otherwise has write permission, he gets the error message: "Not owner".  
: This is different from the message he receives if he tries to touch
: someone elses files.  That message is "can not touch".  So NFS
: must be seeing differences in the protection.  Does anyone know
: what causes the message "Not owner" or what else might be causing
: this problem.

Need more info...  What release of Domain and Domain NFS are you using?

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