filter output of /dev/console ?

filter output of /dev/console ?

Post by Wolfgang Schau » Thu, 20 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I'm trying to write a Script for X11 that automatically opens a window when the

Is there a possiblity to filter the console-output to look for certain string
to appear ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi everybody

I have some problem with my AIX setup here..

I have a AIX 4.3.3 on risc/6000 with 2 serial port tty0 & tty1. I
already have something in tty1  and i want to install powerchute plus
for Unix  for my UPS. with a RS-232 cable on tty0.  But when i try to
use the port ( modify port properties or install powerchute
application)  it tell me that tty0 is busy..   so i looked with "smit"
to see that my /dev/console is redirected to /dev/tty0 and the screen
was previously plug into /dev/tty0.

I tried with smit to disable the redirection on tty0 with an OK result
on the change. but when I come back ..  it still forwarding console on
tty0, even if i reboot.

i'm new with AIX,  I think it should be relatively easy but can't
figured how to do it...
any help will be very appreciate.



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