NFS, RFA and logingroup

NFS, RFA and logingroup

Post by Julian Per » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 08:57:00

We currently have an HP-840,  HP-825, HP-540 and a 350SRX (can I upgrade
to a  TurboSRX?) and  we are using ARPA/Berkeley Services and NS/9000 to
do all the communicating.  When is 'vt' going to be supported on the 800
(going to a 500 via a 300 causes problems)?

Down to the real point of the posting:

We are  considering  NFS (the 500 will be leaving us shortly) but I need
to check up on a few points before sending off the money.

1) Does NFS support  /etc/logingroup?  We protect our filesystem  fairly
   tightly and use  /etc/logingroup  to make life a lot easier.  We need
   some way of  either  changing group,  or  being  in  multiple groups,
   when accessing a disc on another  system.  The major problem with RFA
   in NS/9000 is that it doesn't support /etc/logingroup across the net.

2) Can NFS be used with Series 300 discless nodes?

Reply by mail and if there's anything worthwhile I'll post a summary,


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