C news vs. B news and Xenix

C news vs. B news and Xenix

Post by Ben Tayl » Sat, 12 Jan 1991 05:10:42

I have built the latest C news version using gcc (from robobar.co.uk)
and am trying to get everything running smoothly.  I have the current
machine running the SCO BNews 2.11.19, and a serial connection to
the test platform.  Spacefor is currently set as a null, and all the
scripts have been hacked for the ":" instead of the #!/bin/sh

Now the problem.  I want to send all news from specific groups to the
new test platform using ihave/sendme.  I have the docs/man pages/instructions
from Cnews, Bnews and "Managing UUCP and Usenet" and have been over this
a couple of times.  However, I can't force the sendbatch to send the
ihave message.  Sendbatch does not appear to work properly.  After
some fooling around, I figured out what it was trying to do.  I faked
the entire news system for comp.unix to the ihave message and it still

Anyone who knows what the proper scripts for bnews - sendbatch and
cnews - spacefor for Xenix 2.3.2 should be, please let me know.


Ben Taylor
Systems Administrator
LCC Inc.
(703) 516-7377


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