HELP! newbie can't dial in to SCO PPP

HELP! newbie can't dial in to SCO PPP

Post by Earl Gr » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am very new to SCO and Unix so please be kind.
I have been trying to get remote networking working with the help of
the local SCO rep and SCO tech support for almost a year with out
We now have Advanced Server.  It has been upgraded from Open Server
5.0 in this effort.  We have 1 Server with a modem on it connected to
2 hubs (daisy chained).  The local network is WFW 3.11 and W95.  We
are using a TCP/IP stack on these machines.
The Local side works well and since the upgrade to Advanced Server we
can now PING the local machines from the dial up connection.  We have
not been able to browse the network via remote WFW or W95 at all.  We
are only able to intermittently manually Map drives from the remote
connection by typing in <\\computer\sharename>.  I may be able to map
the same drive manually one time and not the next.  When it does not
work it gives a "Device not Found" error.
As a temporary measure I have been able to install a FTP server on
some WFW/W95 machines that I need to pass files to and from, but have
no remote application support.  I have hosts and lmhosts files
configured with <IP address>  <user ID> for all users.

ANY help would be much appreciated.  My E-mail address is:

Thank You
Earl Gray


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I've got a 2.0.0 kernel with IP accounting enabled and successfully
installed some rules with

# ipfwadm -A -i -S -D

If is within the same subnet as my linux box itself
everything's fine. However - I need that accounting for my PPP dial-ins
and there I run into the effect that

# ipfwadm -A -l

always gives me a 0 traffic indication :-(

I'm not sure, but the reason might be that my PPP dial-ins are not within
the same subnet as  the linux system and that their routing's beeing
enabled by DIP right after the connection's been established.

Does someone have an idea what I could do to get that traffic counted ??



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