samba ?

samba ?

Post by Ian Barbe » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00

We are using a Sco unix openserver 5.0.5 server.
We have samba installed on the server, so windows can read the files on the
The server was rebuilt about 6 weeks ago, when we upgraded our network.
But now the server can crash when you upload or download files from the
server. Sometimes we get an error message and sometimes the server just
stops responding.

These are some of the error message we have had :

Unexpected Trap in kernel mode.
Cro 0X0000FFFF uesp0XF01766D6 cr3 0X00002008
Tlb 0X0000000
SS 0X0000FFFF uesp0XF01766D6 eF/0X00010282
lPl 0X0000000
Notice: Sdsk: Unrecoverable error reading SCSIdisk
Panic: k_Trap_kernal mode Trap Tyype 0X00000E
Trying to dump 32654 Pages to dumpolev hd(1/41) 409 peages per I

or :

Notice K_Trap Unexpected Alignment Fault in System mode !

Does anyone have any ideas ?