Tape backups using tar, mt and cpio

Tape backups using tar, mt and cpio

Post by Dirk Eddelbuett » Thu, 01 Dec 1994 23:43:19

Under Linux using the GNU versions of tar, mt and cpio as well as the
latest ftape package (1.14b), I am wondering

 - how many 'file marks' can there be on one tape ? I have /dev/nrft[0-3]
        so does that limit me to 4 ? Can I augment it by creating more

 - can cpio append or not to a written tar file ? I read the man page over
        and over and did some tests, but it always wrote over the first
        archive on the tape

 - how are you guys backing up ? Anyone willing to share some nifty
        {bash | perl | ksh} scripts ?

happy to post a summary. Thanks,

Dirk Eddelbuettel