Weird file deletion problem

Weird file deletion problem

Post by Michael Dur » Tue, 16 Aug 1994 03:48:15

Checked the FAQ for this one, but no luck.  I can't seem to do anything
with a couple of files I dl'd from a newsgroup.  After uudecoding them,
they are sitting there in the News directory, displayable by ls and dir,
but uncontrollable by get, dele, even mdele*.  Whith mdele * the
file name is printed normally as it asks me if I want to delete it, but
then as it undergoes the operation the file is not recognized, and I get
the following: ? ele <f.n.>: no such file or directory, with the cursor
placed over the d<(just there, no 'd' printed).

If anyone can suggest a way of getting these things out of my directory,
I'd be grateful.  Really. Salvage is not important, nor is the directory
itself since it's replacable.

Mike Duran


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I'm new to Unix, so be gentle if this is a stupid question.

I have a "work" directory on  the server where temporary files are stored.
Each night, I want to delete the entire contents of that work directory.
I'm trying to use the rm command to delete all of the contents, but if there
are more than about 400 files, an error is returned stating that the
"argument lis is too long".  I'm a little stumped.  AIX Unix has been around
a long time; surely people have needed to delete larger numbers of files
than 400 in the past.  Does anyone know what Unix command or switch will
take care of this for me?


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