how do we install print queues on a VISTA terminal server?

how do we install print queues on a VISTA terminal server?

Post by Rosi Punt » Tue, 24 Mar 1992 14:48:57

We have a VISTA terminal server from which we wish to hang printers, and
then have them accessed as print queues.  Some of the printers will be
used by a SUN Sparc 2 and some of them will be accessed by a Motorola
88100 Risc system.  How is this done?

If possible, please email replies to:

If there is interest I will post a summary.

Rosi Punton, Unix Systems Programmer,
University College of Northern Victoria, Bendigo, victoria, Australia.


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                                Thank you for your help.
Luc Bussieres ---- Analyste - Dep. de Mathematiques et Informatique
Universite de Sherbrooke    

Tel: (819) 821-7981

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