slink-ing own ethernet drivers with TCP/IP..

slink-ing own ethernet drivers with TCP/IP..

Post by C. V. R. Murt » Thu, 25 Jul 1991 12:47:32

The problem: WE want to develop driver for a new Ethernet card and
configure it under TCP/IP.
Environment: SCO ODT -- Unix System V.3.2/386

Question# 1: How does one know the driver interface specification
to be compatible with the up-STREAM IP/ARP module?

Question# 2: Once developed such a driver how does one go about
configuring under SCO TCP/IP?

We have a poratation of Retix Transport s/w in the same
environment but the entire stack of software is based on MAC-level
driver on which we have various layers builts as libraries. As a result,
the applications are slow and bulk of the code is not sharable.
We want the scene to be much in the lines of TCP/IP: single copy of
the lower layer s/w and give a multi-user interface (this could be
compatible with the TLI, preferably) on top.

Question# 3: Would developing a STREAMS based driver solve the problem
for free? (assumption, on top of this we will have a TLI library).

Thanks much in advance,


p.s. Since we dont have an on-line news feed, appreciate a reply
instead of some followup.

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