Screensaver (for non-X)

Screensaver (for non-X)

Post by shinobu tana » Sat, 23 Apr 1994 09:21:19


Does anyone know if there are some screensaver program for VT100
terminals?   Followups/e-mail are appreciated.  :)

Shinobu Tanaka


1. patchadd fails on non-global non-sparse non-running zones

Anyone seen this?  I'm pretty sure this used to work.  But I just ran
'smpatch update -L' on a machine with about 6 non-sparse (ie, no
inherit-pkg-dir setting) zones and some of the patches worked, but
some of them failed in the non-running zones.  The log messages
complain about read only filesystem problems, eg:

pkgadd: ERROR: unable to create unique temporary file </usr/lib/inet/inetdC5a4go>: (30) Read-only file system

Also, how do I recover from this?  smpatch thinks the patches are applied,
since it worked in the global zone.


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