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I need help on mail-filter.

My colleague will send me some e-mail which contains data and need a program
in my account automatically run with the input from that e-mail and send back
the result.

In my filter-rules, I use "execute" to run my script, let's say its name is do_job.
But It seems to me that it will not run my script even I just put a simple
expression "cat > ~/test.txt" in my "do_job". In another case I put "more"
after the "execute", It did not work either. It seems to me the only case it
will work is that I use save file_name. I really do not know why.

Two other questions are how to strip off the mail header and how to send
back result to the sender automatically.

Thank you for your help.

Alan B. Zhang
Dept. fo Mechanical Engineering


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Hi All,

I am having some major difficulties in setting up something which I have
previously done easily.  I am attempting to archive mail items that I
receive in a html format.

To start with I set up the .forward file to send all the mail through
the filter programme that comes with the elm distribution.

I then set up the filter-rules file to the following:

if [subject contains "test"] then execute "~/mail2html test"

The mail2html script should then be called, archiving the mail in html

The script doesn't seem to run.  I can execute the script successfully
from the prompt, and I even achieve the desired results.

Using the filter -s command, I find that the filter is processing the
messages, ie the counter increases as mail passes into the system, but
there is no result.

I have contacted my ISP, but they seem to be oblivious to the world of
UNIX, so I thought to ask you!!

Is there something wrong with the syntax above, or is it possible that
the Sysadmin has prevented the filter from executed scripts.  If anyone
has any suggestions please let me know.


Matt Nicholls.

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