Can I leave a QIC-150 tape in the drive?

Can I leave a QIC-150 tape in the drive?

Post by Kevin Flu » Thu, 16 Sep 1993 21:44:59

Hi all,

Sorry if you don't think this question belongs in this group.  I have no
idea where to ask.  

I have a Tandberg 3600 1/4" SCSI tape drive (got it used--no manuals) and I
am wondering if it is safe to leave a tape in the drive so that people who
call my BBS can access it for those more rarely needed files.  

When the hatch is closed, the head comes into contact with the tape
(displacing it quite a bit from it normal path) and I am worried that the
head sitting for long periods against the tape will cause abnormal
depositing on the head or stretching of the tape.  

Do people leave tapes in these drives, or are you supposed to take the tapes
out when the drive isn't in use?

Does anyone have any other tips with regard to maintainence of these drives?
Should I use sponge swaps and * to clean it, or should I use a head
cleaning tape (if I can find one)?  

Thanks in advance.  Email responses would be appreciated.  

-- Kevin

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I've seen similar questions posted before, but those 'will summarize' never
showed up.  So here it goes again:

I'm looking for an EXTERNAL SCSI QIC-150 tape drive for my PC (running
linux) at home and UNIX workstation (SGI Indigo) at work.  If anyone has
suggestions about the types and, mostly needed, where to buy one, I'd very
much appreciate it if you can e-mail me or post it.

Also, about 2 months ago, a kind netter (Rob ?) mentioned CSC (Corporate
Systems Center (408) 737-7312).  I've called them several times, the
sales lady only knows they have one internal kind for $169, $69 for
enclosure.  After spending about 20 minutes waiting on the line (long
distance, from TX to CA) I still coundn't get any techs to answer the
phone. (But they do offer alternatives: voice mail, fax, and bbs, but
none have I tried).  I wonder if anyone has any luck with them.

Any help would be appreciated.  BTW, I won't summarize :-), but will
happily forward any e-mail response to those interested.

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