xlib: unexpected asynchronous reply?!

xlib: unexpected asynchronous reply?!

Post by David Atki » Tue, 22 Feb 1994 23:29:17

        We have encountered a problem with windows coming up blank
        on various X windows systems, including AIX, HP-UX, and VMS.
        It is most likely to occur when multiple windows are being
        created and exposed all at once. It can generally be prevented
        by introducing small delays (100-300 milliseconds) at various
        points in the processing. This compromises the performance of
        the application so it is not a satisfactory solution.

        We have had some success with replacing the delays with calls
        to XSync. This has not been as reliable as the delays, nor has
        it been significantly faster. It would seem reasonable that the
        problem might be addressed with XSync or XFlush, but so far we
        cannot tell that XSync is providing any useful functionality
        other than being slow.

        The problem is more likely when the system load is higher and
        we suspect that it is more likely when network traffic is higher.
        It is not unusual for the problem to occur reliably on one X
        terminal and rarely or never on another.

        Sometimes, but not always, an error message will be generated
        of the form "Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xnnnn)!"

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1. "Xlib: unexpected async reply" error.

Since we install patch (HP9000) to upgrade to Motif 1.2.2, this error occur
very often with my Motif applacation.

Do I need another patch??



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