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I'm having a problem running Solaris 4.2. In Openwin when I try to open
up file manager it gives a mknod error if I am logged in as a user and
file manager does not come up. Logging in as root solves this problem.

I'm not that up on UNIX, so can somebody give me a hand ??




1. mknod error-Installing Solaris 2.3

Newsgroups: comp.unix.solaris
Subject: mknod error-Need Help
Distribution: usa
Organization: Educational Computing Network, Illinois  USA

I have just upgraded from Solaris 2.2 to 2.3.
The upgrade on the server works fine, but I get the
following message when I go into Openwindows and create a
console window on the clients: mknode error. Permission denied.
Also, I think related to this problem is that I cannot get
the File Manager window to come up at all and the calculator
appears but has no  color.

I installed 14 patches to 2.3 on the server, but
because the clients only have part of the OS, I installed
only those patches that effected the /etc and /usr directories
on the LX's.  I have a feeling that I should install more
patches on the clients.  I stalled the following patches on the
101317-11 lp jumbo patch
101318-59 jumbo patch for kernel
101631-02 kd and ms fixes
101347-02 fixes for ttcompat
101344-11 jumbo NFS patch security
101345-04 cpio fix

Among the 8 additional patches that I installed on the server are:
101889-01 Openwindows 3.3 filemgr forked executable ff.core has a
security hole.
101362-24 openwindows 3.3 jumbo server patch
Also these patches: 101327-08 101331-05  101615-02 101712-01
101739-04  102034-01  101880-01

Could this be the problem?
Any help would be greatly  appreciated.

Western Illinois Univ, Macomb, IL 61455  Phone: (309) 298-1764

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