Need a basic UNIX manual to learn U

Need a basic UNIX manual to learn U

Post by k.. » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 04:26:00

There is a good UNIX beginners manual "The CONVEX Unix Primer", that has
helped some of our new employees learn the basics of 4.2 BSD, even though we
don't have any Convex computers.  It starts at the beginning (logging on) and
gets you through those first few painful days ("I want to search for a word
in all these files.  Huh?  Grep?  Huh?").   ;-)

There sometimes exists the unformatted unix articles that make up the
supplimentary documents in /usr/doc/*.  The unformatted online manual pages
are usually stored in /usr/man/man?/*.? if they're available at all.  They
might be printed with nroff or troff.  See your system administrator.  Oh,
are YOU the system administrator?  Oh well.  It'd probably be easier, faster,
and cheaper to buy something at a book store.  Why not get UNIX/World
magazine and poke through the ads.


1. Need a basic UNIX manual to learn UNIX usage, etc.

Dear UNIX People:


    I don't know of a way to produce a manual from the system online,
    but as a new user, I have been using "The UNIX System" by Henry
    McGilton and Rachel Morgan.

    I gives enough information about the Bourne shell to get you
    started, and discusses ed, ex, vi, and regular expressions, and
    it is easy to find things in.

    Hope this helps,


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