system backups

system backups

Post by Monty McGe » Wed, 21 Jan 1998 04:00:00

We use AIX 4.2 here.  Each night, a mksysb command is automatically
executed, and I have to give a 'bresults' command at the login prompt
the next day to supposedly view the results.
What is mksysb  doing, and what does bresults tell us?  We get a
'abnormal program termination' message after 'backup completed
successfully' at the bresults response.
If anyone knows what is going on here, and what all this is about,


Monty McGee


1. Backup utilities other than tar and system backup?

We have about twenty tapes in our office which were supposedly backed up
with tar on aix 3.2.5 on an ibm branded EXB-8505. Attempts to restore them
on our aix 4.2 machine, with the same tape drive or the ibm 7208 341 result
in the same following error messages, when trying to list the contents of
the archives:

AIX tar:
0511-193 An error occurred while reading from the media.
There is an input or output error

gnu tar:
Read error on /dev/rmt0: I/O error
At beggining of tape, quitting now

[offset 0]: there is an input or output error.
0511-658 Unable to determine the archive format

restore: failed
0511-157 Cannot skip tape records

Any suggestions on what program might work for these tape or any
recommendations on fixing this problem with the current setup?

Michael Thilmont

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