UHC SVR4 socket buffer question (ver 2.0)

UHC SVR4 socket buffer question (ver 2.0)

Post by Douglas Ans » Fri, 14 Jun 1991 21:39:30

Hello again!

Has anyone using UHC SVR4 (ver 2.0) experienced difficulty in using
get/setsockopt (in particular using setsockopt() to set the send/receive
buffer sizes) while using socketpair() with SOCK_STREAM type sockets?
I can successfully set a socket buffer size with SOCK_DGRAM type sockets but
I get errors when trying to set buffer sizes with SOCK_STREAM type sockets.

Is this a known bug or am I missing something?

Thank you for any help/comments/suggestions/etc/etc/... !!
doug anson

Univ. of Delaware


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I have been trying to run tvtwm on my UHC SVR4 platform and have discovered
an interesting thing about xinit (that was included in the UHC distribution)
.  Seems that xinit spawns a login window when invoked.  However, there is no
request in my .xinitrc file for any xterms to be fired up. I also run xinit
at work on a sun sparc (MIT distribution) and xinit DOES NOT spawn any login
window (or any I can tell) when invoked.  

Is this login window on UHC a 'normal' thing for init?  If at all possible I
would like to disable the creation of the login window.

Any hints/comments would be GREATLY appreceated as I do not have the complete
documentation from UHC (expensive!!)

Thanks in advance!
doug anson

Univ. of Del

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