Input filter with remote print queue?

Input filter with remote print queue?

Post by Scott Turn » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 09:08:57

I'd like to set up a print queue on my Sun (SunOS 4.3) that will run a
print job through a filter before sending it off to a remote machine.
The obvious solution:


doesn't work; apparently lpd ignores local filters for queues on remote
machines.  Very annoying.

Probably the solution is to set up a filter that takes care of sending
the job to the appropriate remote machine, so that I could have a
printcap entry that looks like (for instance):


This is how the HP Jetadmin software works.  But the Jetadmin software
uses its own custom utility to send to the printer.  Is there some
unix command I can use to pipe a file across the network to the lpd on
some remote machine?  Alternatively, is there any other way to do what
I want to do?

                                -- Scott T.


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I have a Lexmark Marknet printing-box with 3 local queue's. So, my problem
is to spool and filter on my printserver (Solaris 2.7) and send the job to
a remote queue. I know that the remote printing is down by "netpr",
but I can't figure out, how to tell this program which queue to use. I
I don't even know if there is any possibility to use "netpr" for this
purpose. After a long search, I didn't find any documentation and just the
advice to use lprng, which I will do, when there is no solution for the
Solaris printing system.


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