where can I ftp "metaconfig" (generator of "Configure")?

where can I ftp "metaconfig" (generator of "Configure")?

Post by Hungtau Ti » Thu, 29 Apr 1993 23:12:01


In most (perheps all) of Mr. Larry Wall's software, "Configure" is run
first to figure out various things about your system.  I'm in need of
this type of software which can verify if a target machine have the
necessary programs/files to run our software.

The comments in the Configure said

# Yes, you may rip this off to use in other distribution packages.
# (Note: this Configure script was generated automatically.  Rather than
# working with this copy of Configure, you may wish to get metaconfig.)

I tried and failed to find metaconfig over the net.  If you know where
I can ftp "metaconfig" or you know other software that can do what I
described, please mail me.

Thanks for your help.

Hungtau Ting
Software Engineer


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