ISC 2.2.x and the POSIX bug: comments wanted

ISC 2.2.x and the POSIX bug: comments wanted

Post by Riccardo Piz » Tue, 30 Nov 1993 12:27:28

I have been hit by the ISC 2.2.x POSIX bug recently.
This bug causes applications that have been linked with the POSIX library
to panic the machine: it seems that a NULL pointer is passed to the
namei() routine inside the kernel.
I got and installed the SSU.1a and SSU.1b fixes from ISC, but these seem
not to have solved the problem. In fact, the fixes replaced the
/etc/conf/pack.d/kernel/os.o file and the /lib/libcposix.a library, but
the machine still PANICs sometimes when gzip -9 is running.

Question: is it possible for an application to evoke this bug if I forgot
to recompile it after installing the fixes? I may have other posix programs
I forgot to recompile.

Question Two: one of the fixes replaced the /usr/include/sys/stat.h file:
anyone knows what's changed in it?

Anyway, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who experienced this bug...
please share your experience.



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