nroff problems with Xerox 4045

nroff problems with Xerox 4045

Post by Dougie Nisb » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 13:04:00

This is posted on behalf of a colleague. Please send any e-mail replies to
Dave du Feu at the address in the signature. Thanks.

I am trying to adapt an existing nroff driver to suit a xerox 4045 laser
printer (or xerox 2700), from an IBM 6150 (PC - RT) running AIX (System V Unix).

I would like to have a full description of the meanings of the various
entries in struct termtable (i.e. bset, breset, etc). Some of the entries
appear to be obvious (but may not be!), whilst others are quite cryptic. I am
told by our local unix support team that this question has come up many times,
but there is no description anywhere of the relevant entries. Surely this
cannot be correct!?

Dave du Feu

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If anyone has any nroff drivers or filters for Xerox x2700 laser printers,
please contact me at (in order of likely success)



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