listing aliases w/o /etc/aliases

listing aliases w/o /etc/aliases

Post by Loki » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 07:17:06

You know how you never discover your backup is bad until you're in

I accidentally overwrote by /etc/aliases file. Now, it wasn't very
complicated, and I was able to create a reasonable facsimile by getting
/etc/aliases from another machine I administer (since the backup was bad)
and modifying it a bit. But I want to make sure it's correct. I haven't
run newaliases so my old aliases are still in place.

Is there a way to find out what aliases are on a machine without
consulting /etc/aliases? Ideally, I'd love something that works like
crontab -l does, but any port in a storm.

I'm running sendmail 8.9.1 under IRIX 6.5.8, and I've groveled over FAQs
and the man page to no avail. If you have an answer, please email me.


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1. MMDF & alias tables (mailing list) alias.list FORMAT

We are running into something I cannot find in the docs anywhere.
We have tried this on SCO UNIX Enterprise 3.2v4.2 and OpenServer 3.2v5.0.4
We know how to setup a mailing list under MMDF:
create an alias.list in /usr/mmdf/table:   E.g

medmgr-outbound:        include: /usr/mmdf/lists/medmgr
medmgr-request: bob

and then in /usr/mmdf/lists/medmgr:   E.g.

.... list.....

But the question, is it possible to have comments on each line, like you do
in an e-mail program?  Like  

To make it easier to look at the list and maintain?
Just a list of addresses can be confusing (especially after a few months...)
Thanks for any ideas.

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