Unix illiterate here

Unix illiterate here

Post by justin gomb » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 04:13:54

All I know how to do is copy, move, mkdir, and change permissions.  Is
there a Unix FAQ for beginners?

Finger me for PGP key.


1. Complete Unix Illiterate

Well, I have finally gotten deep enough into Cincinnati
Computer Connection that I've figured out how to post messages
to Usenet news groups.  I'm also trying to find out
as much as possible about Usenet and Unix.  I accidentally
discovered it in the following manner --
I am a user of the Tri-State Online system.  Recently they
got a Teleport to Cleveland Freenet.  Cleveland Freenet
has access to quite a few Usenet groups, but I've seen
mention of some even more interesting ones.  I've heard
about "software" for the PC to allow a person to go
into a "Unix site" and download newsgroups and so forth
... from one person I heard that this software was called
UUCP.  So far I haven't any definitive information on
the subject.  I'm also finding out that Usenet comes
from no single source and, from what I've been able to tell,
no single place carries all the news groups.
   Question ... is there an INDEX of all the newsgroups and
the systems that carry them so that I can figure out what
it is that I'm the most interested in and then hunt
them down???  Thanks!

     (513) 541-3078

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