query: example sun3/50 scsi drivers

query: example sun3/50 scsi drivers

Post by Dok » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 23:30:43

My research concerns a specialized computer display.  I need to
communicate with it over a scsi bus from a Sun3/50.  Does anyone have
experiance writing scsi device drivers for suns?  Could someone please
send me some example code?

                                        Thanks in advance,
                                        Doke Scott


1. pci ultra scsi cable to 50 pin scsi ii (vhdc ro 50 pin)


I've got a PCI ultrascsi host adapter in an ultra5 - this came with a
a cable (vdhc1 to scsi 68), however at this moment in time I only have
50 pin scsi devices to connect to it

So is there a vdhc1 to 50 scsi cable availalbe - I've only found the
68pin version. I guess this feels like a retrograde step but it;s not
feasible to buy a 68 pin device just so that I can then use a 68-50
pin cable to chain my existing external disks.

And is it only me (probably)  but do these vdhc connectors feel flimsy
to you?

Many thanks, any info appreciated

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