Anybody heard of "Microproject" 3B2-compatible computers?

Anybody heard of "Microproject" 3B2-compatible computers?

Post by Stephen J. Frie » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 23:43:00

Hi folks,

     Has anybody out there had any experience with Unicorn
computers by Microproject?  They use AT&T's WE321SBC single-board
computer on the VME bus using a WE32100: basically, they are 3B2
compatible machines.  The company, Microproject, is based in The
Netherlands and they claim their equipment is compatible-faster-
better-cheaper.  They want us to be a VAR.

     Any feedback via email would be appreciated.


P.S. - Current delivery time is seven weeks: they
       *are* AT&T-compatible :-)

Steve Friedl      V-Systems, Inc.        *Hi Mom*