TELNET character mapping problem

TELNET character mapping problem

Post by Mark Bena » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 05:50:00

I have a LAN with a mixture of vendor products: Sun, Pyramid, and a VAX
running VMS and using EXCELAN's EXOS product.  I am having trouble with
the mapping of two control characters (^C and ^M) from the users
connected across the network from the VAX via Excelan's TELNET.

For the VAX to Pyramid connection, ^M is appearing as ^J.

For the VAX to Sun connection, when running Gnu Emacs, ^C is appearing

In both cases I am setting my terminal to be VT100 across the board.

Any ideas on how I can alter the mapping?  And why is it happening?
Is it just slightly different (i.e., incompatible) implementations
Mark Benard

Tulane University                  USENET:     pyramid!tulane!mb

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