On-line manuals

On-line manuals

Post by Johan Vroma » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 23:05:00

One of my computer suppliers told me that he removed the (formatted)
on-line manual pages from the Unix distribution, because "AT&T
licensing prohibits distribution of the SVR3 man pages on-line."

Can anyone give me more details about this? Are more suppliers removing
the manual pages?
Use e-mail, I'll summarize if relevant.



1. Problems with on-line manual pages

I am having problems reading the on-line manual pages. I can read man
pages in sections, but not in sub-sections. For example, I can read pages
in man3, but not in man3c.

I have MANSECTS and MANPATH setup as below:

A sample output:
$ man fopen
No manual entry for fopen.

$ cd /usr/man/man3s
$ ls -l fopen*
-r-xr-xr-x  1 bin          4951 Oct 20  1992 fopen.3s*

The OS is Solaris 2.1. Any ideas?. Thanks for any help.


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