WANTED: Wyse-160/tek4014 GIF/DVI/Postscript previewers

WANTED: Wyse-160/tek4014 GIF/DVI/Postscript previewers

Post by Helen O'Boy » Sun, 08 Sep 1991 12:57:57

There are a bunch of new(!) Wyse-160 terminals at school, apparently with
tek 4014 and possibly PC graphics capability.  Many of us X-less students
would surely find any programs which could convert standard file formats
such as Postscript, DVI, GIF, TIFF and the like to tek4014 (or anything
else which the Wyse-160 is capable of doing) very helpful.  Actually since
there are a couple PC's hooked in through serial lines, anything which could
display those file formats on a PC (CGA, EGA, VGA) would be of interest as

Thanks in advance for your help in locating these utilities.  If you

Helen C. O'Boyle -- just visiting but potentially reachable at...

                    UUCP: ..!uunet!media!ka3ovk!tcsc3b2!helen


1. termcap for wyse 160 terminal (wy-160)

Hi ,

Does anyone have a termcap for wyse 160 terminals (wy-160).
I would really like one that remaps the arrow keys (and the
function keys) to ansi but could use anything to start with
if this is not possible..


phone  - +61 9 380 2507      /     \   Psychology Department
fax    - +61 9 380 1006      *_,-._/   University of Western Australia

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