ultrix systems help

ultrix systems help

Post by Krishna R. Dya » Sat, 18 Apr 1992 02:48:07

Hi there,

       I have a small problem executing a shell program which
    contains a menu for the users (using ultrix Operating system
    4.2 on MICROVAX II Machine).  I added an option for them to
    logout in the menu using "logout;;" command in the program.
    This command doesn't work and gives me the following
    error message:  "sh: logout not found".

      Even if I include the path for the shell, it still does the
    same thing.  I couldn't find any other command to logout
    in the system, but takes the "exit" or "logout" command
    if typed at the prompt anyhow.


      One of the systems administrator here suggested, to get the
    process ID # for the shell and do a "kill -9" on that #.

      Is there any easy or better way to do this, other than
    killing the process ID?  Any help will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.